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We’re at 99! Once I reach 100, I’ll post up all the details for my one-shot giveaway. :B I’m so excited~ I’ve never done a giveaway before. XD


Fandom: South Park
Pairing: Reader x Bebe Stevens
Rating: PG
Words: 830
Warning(s): Mild angst? Implied angst for the future, that is.

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Anonymous asked: ehhh yeah i tried to use that and it says its fine but its just. not loading?? which is weird bc it was fine yesterday and i dont think anythings changed on my browsers since then but. idk. thanks for the confirmation though!!! :''')

No problem! I don’t mind answering questions like that or some such. :3 I know I’d be going nuts if I couldn’t get onto my fanfiction sites of choice (Luna, AO3, etc) XD Hope it starts working for you~ <3

Anonymous asked: tHIS IS KIND OF A DUMB QUESTION BUT YOURE THE ONLY WRITER I FOLLOW ON TUMBLR THAT USES GOTVG SO UH Out of curiosity is uh. is gotvg not loading for you?? ive been trying to get on since i got home but it wont show up for me on chrome or firefox and idk if its just me or if there smth wrong with the site,,,,

It loaded for me, so I suppose it’s just you??? Man, that sucks! Try right now and if it still doesn’t load, then it’s you. (I like to use this site called “Is it just me?” or… wait… http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com that site to tell if a site is really down or not). I hope you can get it working for you!! :3

Anonymous asked: Thank you very much for taking the time to write the Creek prompt I requested! It was better than what I expected. You really are a talented writer!

Awwww, thank you!! If you ever wanna request more Creek, you let me know. They’re my OTP. :D I also posted it on my South Park centric tumblr which I use for canon pairings in South Park. Thank you so much for submitting the prompt! :3 And I’m glad you liked it! :D

Anonymous asked: Fandom: South Park Paring: TweakxCraig Prompt: mixed up/wrong orders

I hope this was something you were hoping for! Sorry it took a bit. Canon pairing stories always take me awhile to think up ideas for and type up. :3

Fandom: South Park
Rating: PG
Words: 962
Pairing: Creek (CraigxTweek)
Note(s): I’m also going to post this on my South Park centric blog (styleforcreek). So if you guys see it there too, it’s not plagiarized. That’s also me. |D

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the things we could be


rating: 17+

pairing: reader x craig tucker

warning(s): zombie AU, reader-insert, major character death, violence, blood, just general things that come along with zombies

summary: You were with Craig the night the world fell apart..

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chapter two!

Words: 5,272

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Anonymous asked: May I request for some TweekxReader fluff? Something about dancing, a waltz maybe? :3

Here you are! I hope you enjoy it. Just a quick little ficlet I started yesterday and finished up today. :3

Words: 639

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Fandom: South Park
Pairing: Reader x Craig Tucker
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2,474
Warning(s): Smut, just plotless smut. Light bondage(?)

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Anonymous asked: Hello Ms. Karena! I've always read your stuff on Luna and can I just say I love them all >u< You're a very talented writer, especially with your South Park fics. Speaking of which, are you still continuing "the things we could be"? because I can't wait to find out what happens next :3 I also love "weightless". Hope to see more from you!

I am continuing it! I looked at it yesterday and went, “Dang. I need to update. It’s been a month.” I need to jot down all of my outline onto a google doc, because right now it’s only a hard copy on a notebook! I will try to update very soon. :3 I love it to pieces, and it will be finished! It is my baby~ :3 Thanks for your kind words. They make me super happy! :D